Advantages of Referring to Us

  • Dermatologists at Ballarat Specialist Skin Cancer Centre have sub-specialised in MOHs Micrographic surgery.
  • In Australia, MOHs surgery is performed only by dermatologists (and rarely other specialists) that have undertaken further post graduate training in the technique. Mohs surgery is the most precise way to remove skin cancer and has the highest cure rate of any skin cancer treatment. It is also the only surgical skin cancer treatment that ensures the skin cancer is completely removed with the smallest possible wound to achieve complete tumour clearance. This is particularly advantageous where tumours occur on sites where tissue conservation is important for functional and cosmetic reasons (e.g. face, ears, nose, lips, eyelids, hands and feet, digits, etc.).
  • Results using MOHs Surgery with complete tumour clearance are obtained on the day of surgery.
  • Ballarat Surgicentre has a purpose built theatre and patient recovery area. It is an ISO accredited Day Hospital and meets rigorous standards to achieve this accreditation.


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