Costs & Fees

Ballarat Specialist Skin Cancer Centre fees are based on the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), Australian Medical Association (AMA), Departments of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Private Health Insurance list of fees. The fees reflect the expenses incurred in providing quality care and services to patients.

Patients are fully informed and provide financial consent, with all fees to be paid on the day.

Bulk Billing
As we are a private practice bulk billing is generally not available.

In order to receive the Medicare rebate, patients must ensure that they have a valid and current referral.  It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain an appropriate referral.  Most GP referrals last for 12 months and Specialist referrals are valid for 3 months.
We are able to lodge a claim with Medicare on your behalf.   However, we lodge the claim on-line and it can take up to 48 hours for the Medicare rebate to be paid into your account.

Private health cover
Private health cover generally will not cover consultations.  However, most health funds will cover excisions of skin cancer and some non-cancerous lesions depending on the site and size of the lesions.  Coverage and costs will depend on the type of cover/policy that you have chosen.Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold or White Card
Veteran Gold Card holders are fully covered for all consultations and procedures. White Card Holders are generally covered for consultations but necessarily for surgical procedures. Our staff will check if your coverage is adequate before your procedure so you are fully informed.

Doctors Consultation Fees and Minor Procedure Fees
Fees are always disclosed before any procedure is undertaken. Staff and Doctors will discuss any additional fees, including any out of pocket expense that you maybe required to pay.

Doctors Surgical Procedure Fees
Patients with hospital private health cover do not incur out of pocket expenses on surgical procedures (non cosmetic). Patients without private health insurance will incur an out of pocket expense on top of the medicare refund.

Theatre and Day Surgery Procure Fees
In addition to the surgical fee, there is an additional fee for use of the Ballarat Surgicentre.
Depending on the Fund and the level of cover, patients with private health insurance are generally fully covered for this fee by their Health fund.  Some policies have an ‘excess’ payment and if that is the case, this excess needs to be paid to us directly.  Patients with Policies that do not cover Private Hospital Admissions may be required to contribute an out of pocket fee.   Staff will contact you with an estimate of costs before your procedure.
Patients without insurance will be required to pay a theatre fee if admission to the Ballarat Surgicentre is required.

Ambulance Fees
Recent changes to legislation has resulted in Health Care Card holders no longer being covered for Ambulance transport to and from Private Hospital facilities.  Patients that require Ambulance transport must pay for this transport themselves or be an Ambulance subscriber.

Payment method
Payments can be made with cash or by Eftpos, Cheque, Mastercard or Visa.  We are unable to accept American Express Cards.

Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee will be charged if patients do not cancel before 24 hours (1 Business day) of the scheduled appointment without good reason.

Pathology Services Fee
We are professionally required to send skin specimens to an accredited lab for testing. Our doctors will request that the Pathology company bulk bills, meaning that the majority of pathology tests requested are Bulk Billed.


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